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Aligning Actions with Words



Kusudi (pronounced: coo-sue-dee) means intention and purposefulness in Swahili.


Achieving success does not happen by chance, it requires intention and action.  Kusudi Consulting Group is committed to working with collaboratives, professional groups, associations, foundations, and organizations that are committed to making positive differences in their workplace and within their communities.

With decades of combined experience, the team at Kusudi Consulting Group is more than capable of assisting your team in achieving its goals and desired outcomes! Contact Us for more information.

Kusudi Consulting Group is a minority and woman-owned and operated business.

Our Services

Our team of professionals at Kusudi Consulting Group is experienced in working with non-profit, for-profit and volunteer organizations. We possess  experience working in a spectrum of industries, which include: healthcare, human and social services, community health, construction, occupational safety and health, insurance, risk management and loss control.  Our team believes in lifelong learning, as evidenced by our advanced degrees, certifications, and demonstrated successes in helping businesses achieve their goals. 

Contact us today to find out how Kusudi Consulting Group can assist your organization in being its best! 

Our Services

Diversity, Equity   & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is more than a quota or checklist. Action is necessary!  We're here to help! 

Leadership           & Team Building

A good leader is self-aware, empathetic, and knows the importance of effectively engaging with their team. Learn how we can assist your organization with new and innovative leadership and team-building tools.

Engagement           & Retention

Effective engagement and retention of patients, clients, customers, participants, and stakeholders is key for any  successful service or program. Learn how we can help!

Board Diversity   & Development

A strong Board of Directors is key to the overall growth and success of any organization. Learn how we can enhance the skills and capacity of your Board.

Environmental   Health & Safety 

Compliance with occupational and environmental laws and regulations is essential to protect the well-being of your team and workforce. Learn how we can assist you!

Risk Management   & Loss Control

Effectively managing your risks is critical for reducing insurance claims and losses. Find out how our team can assist your company!

Our Certifications


"Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way."

~ Congressman John Lewis (1940-2020)


Ready to Connect?

To obtain a free 20-minute phone consultation, complete the Contact Us section. Please provide a brief, but detailed, overview of your organization's needs and goals.  A member of our team will follow up with you within 48 business hours.

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