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Leadership & Team Building

Leadership is a core value at Kusudi Consulting Group. We believe good leadership is critical for taking an organization from good to great! 

Kusudi Consulting Group has staff with doctorate-level education and advanced certifications in leadership and leadership development.  Our roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership assessments 

  • Leadership development (individual and group)

  • Leadership coaching (individual and group)

  • Surveying and evaluating organizational needs and gaps

  • Organizational culture assessments

  • Team building assessments 

  • Developing or refining short- and long-term strategic plans

  • Effective and efficient leader communications

  • Virtual leadership strategies

  • Virtual team building approaches 

  • Managing change and crises

  • Leadership trainings, in services and town hall meetings


Check out our newest service...

Temporary Leadership Solutions (TLS)

Has your company obtained new funding? Not sure where to start?              Are you seeking a leader to manage a program while searching for new or replacement team members? Kusudi Consulting Group can assist with short-term leadership assignments.  The team is also highly experienced  in managing local, state and federal grants.

Contact the Kusudi Consulting Group today, to find out how we can assist and support your organization's leadership and development goals. 

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