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Engagement & Retention

Person-centered services are essential to engaging and retaining your populations of service.  Regardless of how you refer to them in your industry:  clients, participants, patients, customers or stakeholders, these individuals are important and valuable.  Our team at Kusudi Consulting Group is highly experienced and certified to enhance your organization's connection to its customers.   Our specialties  include, but are not limited to:

  • Engagement assessments and evaluations

  • Holistic experience strategies and plans

  • Assessing and evaluating organizational needs and gaps

  • Compassion fatigue assessments and intervention strategies

  • Effective outreach and recruitment frameworks

  • Cross-cultural customer engagement and retention

  • Program design and flow of services

  • Person centered care and service practices

  • Individual and group education and training

  • Program development (local, state and federal funders)


Contact the Kusudi Consulting Group today, to find out how we      can support your organization in achieving its outreach, engagement and retention goals. 

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